Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A tradition of Saudi 'Fatwas' ....

'Arab demonstrations against Israel's aggression on Gaza are 'corrupting'' 
(Reuters) - "... Saudi Arabia is printing 1.5 million copies of an edict by religious scholars outlawing protests in the conservative kingdom as un-Islamic, the state news agency said on Tuesday...."The Grand Mufti requested that a number of government and private firms print and distribute more than a million copies," SPA said, adding that 500,000 copies already had been printed. SPA said the fatwa "called for strengthening cohesion and affinity" and called on the Saudi people to "have a united front... under its wise and legitimate leadership, warning (against) and forbidding demonstrations"..."

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Unknown said...

interesting...i hope they're not working on a fatwa that describes the royal family as aliens from a far away planet with super powers that can transform them into giant disco-dancing camels in case of popular uprising!!