Monday, March 28, 2011

EXCLUSIVE & URGENT: The 'Leading' Syrian dissident 'monitors Syria by phone & internet ... and intends on flying in a plane'!

(Ynetnews)- "From his current home in Washington, the dissident said "The protestors have no money to get married and have no interest in war with Israel. .. Israel and the Palestinians or war are not on the agenda of the protestors",said  Ghadry, who closely monitors the situation in Syria via the phone and the Internet,(WOW!) ... The Syrian exile estimates that the next phase will be a military coup.  The leading dissident added that he will not be a candidate in future elections, and noted that he and his people (all 3 of them!) are in touch with the Muslim Brotherhood and are working towards the formation of a coalition that will act when the time is right. Ghadry also said that he intends to board a plane (the one made of metal, not an Origami)  and fly back home the moment (the moment!) the Assad regime collapses."


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I love your site, have for years, look at it every day.

But your new layout is, well, awful. When the 'artistic' sensibility makes it difficult to read the intellectual sensibility then something is wrong.

Really - the contrasts are so great that it hurts to read.

A great look where no one actually reads.

Not here.


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