Monday, February 28, 2011

Rebels in Libya's not ready to take Tripoli ...yet

"... Military commanders in liberated eastern Libya said that while they're eager to wrest control of the capital, Tripoli, from dictator Moammar Gadhafi, they believe his personal forces are better equipped and trained than their newly cobbled together Libyan People's ArmyAll they can promise the residents who are asking them to charge forward toward the capital, 600 miles to the west, is that they'll move "soon, if we get orders." In the meantime, military leaders are sorting through looted weapons, putting new ranks on commanders who days ago served under Gadhafi, and seeking a role for the youth who took to the streets and spurred the liberation of this city, Libya's second largest...."

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Anonymous said...

While disappointing that they are not ready yet it is better to wait a few days and do it right than to rush into Tripoli undermanned and lose to Gaddaffi forces.

However once the People's Army enter Tripoli they will probably cause residents of the city to rise up against Gadaffi surging there numbers.