Sunday, February 27, 2011

Americans: End aid to Arabs, but keep backing Israel

"...However, many Americans feel that the wave of revolutions sweeping the region is another indication that there is no guarantee that US aid given today to a trusted leader won’t be misused tomorrow by his hostile successor
Only 20 percent of those polled said that aid to the Arab countries should continueAt the same time, 51 percent of Americans want US economic and military aid to Israel to continue. Thirty-two percent said the US should no longer aid Israel financially. ..."


Anonymous said...

Trusted leader????? We have lined the pockets of these 'leaders' while they continue to let their citizens live in poverty. What they didn't keep for their own pleasures was used for guns,bombs,and rockets, to keep their people in line, to fight Israel, and to support terrorists. Sure, keep that money flowing!

Anonymous said...

That 32% number is probably keeping the Israeli government up at night.