Monday, January 31, 2011

Elliott Abrams & Marwan Musher will 'educate' the American Jewish Congress on ....Egypt!

"... Elliott Abrams, the former Bush White House Middle East/democracy advisor, was invited but didn't go. "I had other commitments I did not think I could fairly cancel at such short notice," Abrams told POLITICO. While another colleague tried to soften Abrams's implication he had better things to do than offer counsel to the White House, saying he thought Abrams was out of town. In fact, Abrams said he was scheduled to speak to the AJC along with Jordanian former diplomat Marwan Muasher...."

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joetote said...

I have just seen numerous reports of a leading Iman there warning Israel to prepare for war.
And one would be shocked by this? I repeat! This appears to be the lion going after the wounded prey!
Could all the turmoil we are seeing in Muslim countries be an offshoot of perceived weakness on the part of the United States and her allies! I for one have always felt this President is firmly on the side of the Muslim world as a whole. Certainly he is the most antagonistic President as in his stance on Israel I have ever seen. This new Iranian poster boy feels the President WILL NOT do anything other than to warn Israel to stand back and let the events take their course.
As we now are at the point in which we have elected officials telling the Muslim world this country is full of racist hate and an administration that in almost every stance is extremely ” Anti-American ideals” why should one be surprised that these radical Muslim Fundamentalists are taking their shots now? After all, this is the administration that just the other day as an example declared the Egyptian government was stable. No surprise from the blind mice running the show in D.C. now is it?
It is my understanding Iran is ecstatic about the coming regime change in Egypt. If so, what does this do to the region? It in fact puts another knife at Israel’s throat along with another one aimed squarely at the U.S. which we know for sure will threaten oil supplies and therefore raise oil prices thus causing more economic problems.
And for one to be “surprised that the Anti-Israel rhetoric has started to emanate from the Egyptian protesters only shows how far up their rears this administration and the apologists for the Radical Muslims have their heads stuck! Combine that with El Baradei, another poster boy from Iran and one has to expect the worst case scenario.
One can agree that this has been something that has been festering in Egypt for quite sometime. However, as we have learned with the failed feel good Socialist policies being shoved down out throats here, there is always the law of unintended consequences. One feels in this case, the consequences can and will be disastrous.