Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gen. Ali Reza Asgari, 'murdered' in Israeli prison cell?

Via WarInContext:

"... Hold on to your hats because this post is going to be a wild ride.  New and astonishing developments in the case of Prisoner X, known to a source within Ehud Barak’s inner circle as Ali Reza Asgari, retired Iran Revolutionary Guard general and former deputy defense minister. exposed the name of Prisoner X here a few weeks ago.  Today, brings news from Israel that Asgari is dead in his cell.  According to the standard version, he committed suicide in his cell within the past week or so.  Ynet reported the suicide story and noted that it was under gag order.  Of course, this story was erased from the internet, but I’m posting a copy of the article which was taken down from the Ynet site...."
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