Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Hezbollah's nightmare"; The Egoz Unit

"... This week's rare glimpse into the Egoz Unit training exercise reveals how the ground forces commando prepares for close range combat against HezbollahThe only knowledge these Egoz combat soldiers have of the Second Lebanon War is what they saw on their television screens. Most of them were in school during the battles of Bint Jbeil and Maroun al-Ras. This week, it was their turn to prepare for the next war, which could in many ways, be a lot like the battles of the summer of 2006....  A senior officer described the situation: "Hezbollah hasn't changed its method of operation, which includes munitions charges, anti-tank missiles, and guerilla fighting. Even though it carries out operations in residential areas, it knows how to operate in open areas, the thicket, and to fire rockets at civilians from there. These soldiers need to get to those places and attack.".... The IDF's working premise is that Hezbollah will try minimizing face to face combat as much as possible. "Not for nothing do they wrap themselves in detonators, rockets and obstacles; it is in order to avoid close combat. Their nightmare is to face the Egoz unit" says a senior officer. ..."

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Anonymous said...

Most armies always prepare for the last war they fought and if their enemy prepares for the next war, they are in deep shit. The French before WW2 prepared for WW1, the US Army in Iraq prepared for Gulf War 1, the British in just about every war they have ever fought (although they have an innate skill to muddle through and then work out what to do to be successful), so I see no reason that the Egoz Unit will be any different. Perhaps that title should be rewritten as:

"The Egoz Unit's Nightmare; Hezbollah!"

Actually, that article goes on to explain why the IDF is completely fucked. It is denigrating the fighting ability of its enemy, Hezbollah, and that can be fatal for any army. Just look at the British v the Japanese up to the retreat from Burma or the Wehrmacht before Stalingrad.