Wednesday, September 29, 2010

".. We will not let Hariri go to waste .........."

Who the hell translates for AnNahar? It's not like a 2 days old chiken curry or a 6 days milk carton ...I guess some of Jeff Feltman's 'monies' did go to waste!
"...Hariri: We Won't Let Rafik Hariri's Blood Go Waste
Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Wednesday warned that Lebanon will "not let the blood of Premier Rafik Hariri go waste."
Hariri, during Mustaqbal Movement's politburo meeting, underlined the importance of "ensuring internal stability and rallying behind Constitutional institutions in order to spare the Lebanese the atmosphere of chaos and out of respect for Arab's keenness on Lebanon's stability," his office said in a statement.
Hariri also stressed that the relationship with Damascus is a "priority" because it serves the interests of both Lebanon and Syria...
"And most of all, we will not let the blood of martyr Premier Rafik Hariri go waste.
"This would be by patience and steadfastness. ..."

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