Monday, August 9, 2010

Jumblatt: "Jeffrey Feltman informed me, months ago, that the STL was after Hezbollah ...and I am no longer a 'centrist'..."

Jumblatt further wondered "how can the STL be after justice, when a US official knows of its 'secret' decisions before they are made public by the court itself?"
Jumblatt went on to say that he no longer was a 'centrist' and that he is very much in the (previously known as) March 8th.
Finally, Jumblatt told the cadres of the Progressive Socialist Party that if the STL indicts any Hezbollah cadres, he will "reject the indictments!"


Moussa Bashir said...

When (or where) did Jumblat make these statements?

G, M, Z, or B said...

Moussa, it will be shortly in mainstream, but for now, newtv reported it as part of what 'transpired from the meeting with the young cadres':

Moussa Bashir said...

thanks. i suspected it was in a meeting of the youth, but i wanted a source to use in quoting :D

Moussa Bashir said...

i'll be using this blog as the source :)