Monday, May 31, 2010

Israeli-Greek 'alliance' to make Erdogan jealous? Think again!

Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

"What is most important right now is the safety of the Greek citizens involved and their safe return home. The government and the Foreign Ministry are working to this end in close contact, coordination and cooperation with our partners in the European Union.

Israel is under obligation to provide all the necessary information and, of course, to provide for the safety of Greek citizens.

There can be no justification for the use of such extreme violence. We condemn it, and it was precisely that message that I passed on to the Israeli Ambassador to Athens, whom I called to my office, where I also announced to him that the Greek government has decided to discontinue the joint military exercise currently under way and to postpone the visit to Athens of the Head of the Israeli Air Force General Staff, which was to take place tomorrow.

We will monitor all developments very closely and we will inform the public – Greek citizens – of all developments, and of course regarding the issue of the safety of the Greek citizens. Thank you very much."

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