Saturday, April 3, 2010

'Securing' Assad's visit to Cairo ...

Al Mesryoon via Syria Comment/ here
"... Al-Mesryoon has learned there were contacts at a high level currently ongoing between Cairo and Damascus in preparation for the first visit in over four years of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to Egypt to wish President Hosni Mubarak well following his gallbladder surgery and to turn the page of tensions which affected the relations between the two commands due to the disputes over the Lebanese dossier. Diplomatic sources thus mentioned that President Al-Assad’s visit was expected next week in case the arrangements for it are completed and in case an agreement is reached over the dossiers which will be addressed during the anticipated meeting.
“They also added that there were preparations underway for a visit which will be conducted by President Mubarak to Damascus in the next few coming months, considering that this visit will constitute an announcement of the resumption of the relations between the two countries and the end of the stalemate which had so far affected them. The sources considered that the visit [of Al-Assad] will have a positive impact on several important dossiers, especially the ones related to the peace process and the Palestinian reconciliation, since Damascus’ influence over the Palestinian factions could be used to ensure the signing of the reconciliation which was massively obstructed after Fatah and Hamas had almost signed it at the end of last year..."

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