Friday, March 26, 2010

"...A future in which emigration and unending Arab & Muslim hostility end the experiment.."

Lang in SST/ here

"Bibi was "dissed." Good, he needed the lesson. I think there will be more such lessons. Obama is a patient man. I now see that he favors the "ambush" style. Israeli hubris and arrogance favors an "adversary" who employs such method. They will not learn the lesson implied in this Ha'aretz editorial because to do so would require a basic change in the way they think pf themselves in relationship to the outer world and gentiles. They carry this burden in trying to deal with difficult situations. In the same way they will continue down the road of trying to deal with the Palestinians by treating them as sub-humans. That road leads to a dead end.

It leads to a future in which emigration and unending Arab and Muslim hostility end the experiment.


People keep referring to Bibi as an invited guest of the US in this visit. So far as I know this was a "self invited visit." The only thing we did was give him a visa." PL

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