Monday, January 25, 2010

STOP the PRESSES: Der Spiegel obtains another "secret dossier" on Iran nukes!

Follath and his gang at the mill, actually saying that the US has either kidnapped or coaxed the two missing Iranian officials, ... something Washington denied!
Spiegel/ here
"..... Reports by Ali Reza Asgari, Iran's former deputy defense minister who managed to defect to the United States, where he was given a new identity, proved to be just as informative. Nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri, who "disappeared" during a pilgrimage to Mecca in June 2009, is also believed to have particularly valuable information. The Iranian authorities accused Saudi Arabia and the United States of kidnapping the expert, but it is more likely that he defected.
Iran's government has come under pressure as a result of the new charges. They center on the question of who exactly is responsible for the country's nuclear program -- and what this says about its true nature. The government has consistently told the IAEA that the only agency involved in uranium enrichment is the National Energy Council, and that its work was exclusively dedicated to the peaceful use of the technology.
But if the claims are true that have been made in an intelligence dossier currently under review in diplomatic circles in Washington, Vienna, Tel Aviv and Berlin, portions of which SPIEGEL has obtained, this is a half-truth at best.
According to the classified document, there is a secret military branch of Iran's nuclear research program that answers to the Defense Ministry and has clandestine structures. The officials who have read the dossier conclude that the government in Tehran is serious about developing a bomb, and that its plans are well advanced. ......... Experts believe that Iran's scientists could produce a primitive, truck-sized version of the bomb this year, but that it would have to be compressed to a size that would fit into a nuclear warhead to yield the strategic threat potential that has Israel and the West so alarmed -- and that they could reach that stage by sometime between 2012 and 2014.

"remember the Iraqi WMD trucks?"

........ This leaves the military option. Apart from the political consequences and the possibility of counter-attacks, bombing Iran's nuclear facilities would be extremely difficult. The nuclear experts have literally buried themselves and their facilities underground, in locations that would be virtually impossible to reach with
conventional weapons.
While even Israeli experts are skeptical over how much damage bombing the facilities could do to the nuclear program, the normally levelheaded US General David Petraeus sounded downright belligerent when asked whether the Iranian nuclear facilities could be attacked militarily. "Well, they certainly can be bombed," he said just two weeks ago in Washington."


b said...

Just checked and found that this piece by the German magazine SPIEGEL has not been published on its German website - at least not yet.

It is very unusual for SPIEGEL to publish something in English that has not been covered on the (much bigger) German site. It tells who the intended public is.

Besides that and having read the piece I actually find nothing new in it at all. It is just a mix of several known facts taken from Wikipedia and a lot of innuendo.

Judith Miller was better at doing such pieces than Follath is.

b said...

Still not published in German on the German SPIEGEL site.

I assume the editor of the German part does not want to ruin his reputation with his customers by publishing this in German.