Saturday, January 23, 2010

Former FBI Director, attorney to Prince Bandar ...

Somewhat related to this huge bribery scandal, Politico, here, LR flagged somewhat old story, from Frontline/ here
" ... Bistrong worked at the time for Armor Holdings. And indeed, one of the 22 men indicted this week with Bistrong's undercover assistance on alleged bribery charges, Jonathan Spiller, was CEO of Armor Holdings until 2003, when he was fired. (In 2007, Armor Holdings was acquired by BAE -- which was itself the subject of a massive bribery investigation in Britain that was reportedly shut down under alleged Saudi pressure.)
Saudi Prince Bandar, defending himself in the investigation of whether BAE paid some $2 billion to accounts he had access to for Saudi Arabia awarding it a massive arms contract, has hired former FBI director Louis Freeh as his attorney."

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