Thursday, October 29, 2009

A "Pro-West" Mufti in Lebanon!

(Juzu' AFTER Jumblatt 'saw the light!)
MIDEAST WIRE, via AA, here
It is always amusing when Western reporters describe March 14 as "pro-Western." This Mufti of Mount Lebanon is a key Hariri cleric and champion of March 14. This translation is from Mideast Wire:
"On October 25, the Lebanese News Agency reported: "In a statement today, 25 October, Shaykh Muhammad Ali al-Juzu, mufti of Mount Lebanon, said: "Israel is America and America is Israel. The Zionist lobby in America, and not the US President, is the one ruling America. The US president is only a number in the US Administration." He said: "Since Clinton, America has been waving the two-state solution without implementing it because the Zionist lobby did not allow this. This is what happened to Bush and what is happening to Barack Obama. They all wear the Zionist cap on their heads, and each one of them puts his head between the hands of the Zionists to turn it as they want. That is why we saw Netanyahu challenge Obama and not accept his desire to halt the construction of settlements. Mitchell's trips to Israel, the West Bank, and Ramallah are only a smokescreen.""Mufti Al-Juzu went on: "The whole US Sixth Fleet came yesterday to flex its muscles to the countries in the region, especially Iran. It came with its advanced, sophisticated weapons in confrontation of the Iranian ballistic missiles on the borders of Lebanon and in Tehran. Despite the fact that Iran has been tempted by its current power to challenge the Arab and Islamic nation, so it started inciting the Shi'is against the Sunnis all over the region; Iran is trying to interfere in the internal affairs of the countries of the Arab world; and Iran is committing many mistakes, especially in Lebanon - despite all this, we do not accept threatening it by Israel with the US missile shield and we do not accept this absurd, racist show by America. Despite all the mistakes made by Hezbollah in Lebanon and in the region, we do not allow Israel or America to attack Iran or to threaten Lebanon on the pretext of the existence of the Iranian missiles on its borders.""...If America's claim that Al-Qa'idah is the one that was fighting America on the land of Iraq, then this means that Bin Ladin has achieved victory over the US army and that terrorism is becoming stronger and America is becoming weaker. Therefore, we tell America: Stop making these threats to the Arab and Islamic world. The tiger in Iraq has turned into a 'cat.' The peoples of the Arab world, despite its weakness and fragmentation, can defeat America and defeat Israel in the end. We tell America: Stop committing brutal crimes in Afghanistan. Stop committing massacres in Pakistan. Stop supporting Israel by all means of international terrorism. The end of America is coming, God willing.""He added: "Had it not been for Iran's fatal mistakes and had it not been for its adoption of the approach of sectarian discrimination and racial and ethnic incitement against the Arabs, we would have all stood behind it in the face of the US-Israeli threat. Iran should repent. It should, once again, heed reason and wisdom with its Arab neighbours - and I am not saying its brothers in Islam - because Iran's understanding of Islam differs from our understanding of it. Its understanding is based on historical hostility, sectarian enmity, and rancour against the Arabs. This prompts it to play this negative role in our Arab arena. This role serves Israel and America, weakens Iran and cancels the power that it claims.""

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