Monday, October 26, 2009

From a “confrontational Israeli phenomenon” to “an honest and decent human being”

In the November issue of Jawad Adra's, the Monthly:

Lebanese groups have gone through multiple policy shifts that have swiftly changed relations between parties, movements and political figures from a state of animosity to reconciliation and alliance, and vice versa. In all cases, the people are inclined to follow their leaders, the zua’ama, because the public “follows the religion of its kings”, as the saying goes.
A change in relations between the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) and Hezbollah marked a significant and essential change in the Lebanese political scene. Relations between the two sides shifted from a state of enmity to an alliance consolidated by a memorandum of understanding signed on February 6, 2006.

In the August 2009 issue, The Monthly published past and present positions by Michel Aoun toward Hezbollah. It will review in this issue Hezbollah’s stances toward Aoun.


“Michel Aoun is a problem because he represents an Israeli confrontational and destructive phenomenon and only sees his personal interests and the interests of his confession. He embodies the racist Maronite approach in east Beirut.” (Excerpts from a speech by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on behalf of the Islamic resistance at a commemoration ceremony. He was not yet Hezbollah secretary general. An Nahar daily November 6, 1989.)

“The elimination of the state of rebellion that Michel Aoun represents is a priority and a necessity to put an end to the Israeli phenomenon in Lebanon.”

(A Hezbollah statement on April 12, 1989)


“Hezbollah will never allow attempts to weaken or break General Aoun.”

(A statement by Hezbollah MP Hussein al-Moussawi on August 8, 2009)

“This visit (to Syria) was an important event and showed the level of leadership qualities that General Aoun enjoys because he is not seeking electoral gains but the country’s best interest.

(A statement by Hezbollah MP Mohammed Fneish on December 12, 2008)

“He is an honest and decent human being.”

(A speech by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah describing Aoun in May 2009)

“General Michel Aoun can never be broken because he is supported by a vast section of Christians and Muslims. He cannot be treated with disrespect because this contradicts the consensus formula.”

(A statement by Hezbollah MP Nawwaf al-Moussawi on August 24, 2009

“General Michel Aoun can never be broken because he is supported by a “… According to figures, General Michel Aoun still has the support of the Christian majority, and Hezbollah and Amal Movement that of the Shia’a majority.”

(A statement by Hezbollah MP Hassan Fadlallah on July 8, 2009)

Highlights from the memo of understanding

Here are the some of the most important points in the memorandum of understanding that will help emphasize the change in their relation:

* A solution to the case of Lebanese nationals in Israeli custody requires perseverance to achieve their return, taking into consideration politics, security and livelihood.

* Consensus-based democracy remains the basis of governance in Lebanon

* The reformation of political life in Lebanon requires the adoption of a modern electoral law with proportional representation

* The establishment of correct Lebanese-Syrian relations requires a review of the political experience and the deduction of lessons in order to avoid mistakes, flaws and loopholes

* The Lebanese government must take the necessary steps and legal measures to establish that the Sheba’a Farms are Lebanese, and present the evidence to the United Nations

* Demarcation of the Lebanese-Syrian borders

* Full Syrian cooperation with the Lebanese state to uncover the fate of Lebanese prisoners in Syrian jails

* The Palestinians right to return to their homeland is an essential matter and the possibility of their naturalization is rejected

* Armament is not a goal in itself but an honest and sacred means practiced

by any group to fight the occupation of their land.

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