Monday, August 31, 2009

"... White House backing a man whose regime is seen widely as ineffective & corrupt ..."

' Karzai and his ilke...'
London Times, here
The widespread evidence of fraud followed a decision by Washington to remain completely neutral in the run-up to the election. It was a position that had been strongly argued by Richard Holbrooke, President Obama’s “AfPak” envoy, who said any appearance of interference might backfire.....

But it is precisely this that is worrying the US. While most parties appear to have indulged in some ballot-box stuffing, intimidation or bribery, Mr Karzai’s supporters have appeared most culpable. Much of the vote rigging appears to have happened in the violence-ridden southern provinces, where heavy British losses in recent weeks failed to stop Taleban intimidation of voters, causing a low turnout.........."

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh FLC don't believe the hype the US has had it in for Karzai since he moved out of their puppet sphere and attempted to become more independent.

Holbrooke's plan was to get a run off election and use that to plant plenty of pro US people like Ghani in important cabinet positions.

But that plan is going to shit and Karzai who looks certain to keep his power has come out swinging (as seen by the rumoured bust up in which Karzai walked out on US officals)

You need to look no further than British special forces who raided a compound belonging to Karzai's brother and then leaked to the media that they found a tonnes of opium two weeks before the election. You think they would do that if Karzai was their man?

They wanted to reign him in because he was complaining to much about drone attacks and towing a non US line.