Sunday, August 30, 2009

Confessed Saudi al-Qaeda operative says he had been encouraged & financed by Saudi preachers to "Kidnap & Kill Shiites"....

AP, here
" ... A senior Iraqi investigator said the man who carried out the attack against the Foreign Ministry was a former detainee at the U.S. detention camp known as Camp Bucca in southern Iraq........
In the confession aired Sunday, the man introduced himself as a 29-year-old Saudi Arabian named Mohammed Bin Hassan Bin Abdullah al-Shimmari and said he had been encouraged by preachers in his native, mainly Sunni country to go fight U.S. forces and Shiites in Iraq.
"I was sent to a training camp in Latakia in northern Syria," he said in a statement that was aired on Iraqi state television. ...... After completing training, al-Shimmari said he entered Iraq through Anbar province. He said he and other foreign fighters attacked Iraqi police and kidnapped and killed Shiites, with funding from Sunni clerics in Saudi Arabia, he said...."

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