Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In Israel, no settlement deal for US envoy – just more settlers

In the CSM, here
During Mitchell's visit, activists set up 11 outposts.

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Anonymous said...

All this talk of a settlement freeze is just superficial. First it's a talk on stopping the illegal settlements then it changed to talk of a settlement "freeze" and now Israel is proposing a temporary settlement freeze. Also on the roadblocks this.

"Several weeks ago, the IDF announced with great fanfare that this roadblock has been removed. Since then, the Machsom Watch observers have gone back and found the soldiers still there — though until 12 July merely hanging around and lurking off to the side of the road, behind the Israeli concrete blocks."

Apparently the last meeting with Mitchell and Netanyahu took place at Allenby Crossing where Netanyahu touted the extended extended hours per day that the passage is open.

While it gives the illusion of a positive step it's ultimate goal is to water down the full settlement freeze which is required.