Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WINEP: ...Violence in Iran could affect the cohesiveness of the security forces...

"For consideration" by WINEP's experts, here
"..... a violent crackdown, even if successful (as seems likely), could be the opening round of a long and bitter struggle, with far-reaching implications for the cohesiveness of the security forces and the long-term stability of the regime. "

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Smug Senior Founding Member of the FLC said...

It is an established and unshakable policy at WINEP to confuse wishes with reality. Neither WINEP, nor Israel its main source of info, nor the US administration know anything useful about Iran. Their betting of $700 million to overthrow the regime in Iran is ridiculous. It took $1.25 billion of spending in Lebanon to ensure a fragile majority in the Lebanese parliament favorable to US positions. Would $750 million be enough to overthrow the regime, because that is exactly the objective of the hysterical media and WINEP. Be reassure, Rafsanji and other 'reformers' will go to jail, that is if they are lucky to survive their failed coup attempt. Moussavi declaring victory before polls were closed was such an obvious ploy that has backfired. Cheers WINEP and awaiting the pearls of wisdom of Schenker Maximus Idioticus