Monday, April 27, 2009

Wayne Madsen's: ".. CIA's top expert on the illegal transfer of Patriot missile radar technology to the Israelis...and from them, to Russia & China.."

Via reader MRW on SST:
"Bennett's work on Patriot technology transfer to Israel confirmed by DIA source

WMR has learned from a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) source that the late CIA officer, retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel William Bennett, who was assaulted, along with his wife, and bludgeoned to death on March 22 in Landsdowne, Virginia was the CIA's top expert on the illegal transfer of Patriot missile radar and other technology to the Israelis. Bennett was particularly focused on the transfer of Patriot technology by the Israelis to the Russians and Chinese.

U.S. Air Force sources report that Bennett was a key player in preparing internal intelligence damage assessment reports that concluded that America's fleet of stealth B-2s and F-117s are now vulnerable as Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) platforms because the aircraft can no longer fly over their intended targets without running the risk of being shot down. The B-2 and F-117 stealth capabilities, including the 20,000 pound bunker buster modification to the B-2, have been neutralized by the Patriot reverse engineering accomplished by the Russians and Chinese, with the assistance of the Israelis. The United States has been forced to rely on standoff weapons like the Tomahawk cruise missile against hardened targets like underground nuclear facilities. The Israeli compromise of U.S. stealth and radar technology has been termed as a "major blow back" by U.S. intelligence officials. The United States last provided Patriot missile systems to Israel in 2006 when Hezbollah launched missile attacks on northern Israel from southern Lebanon. Patriot batteries were also deployed to Israel in 2003 before the U.S. military attack on Iraq.

The Israelis also reportedly provided to the Russians a "radar cross section by frequency patterns," which has been termed the "mother lode" of America's stealth technology.

WMR has also learned that Israeli intelligence penetration of America's radar and stealth technology was collaterally accomplished by the placement of Israeli intelligence agents within the engineering ranks of two defense contractors: Lockheed Martin and its F-22 program and Raytheon, the manufacturer of the Patriot system."

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