Monday, March 30, 2009

Iraq: the unraveling?

Tom Ricks in FP, here

"...I think Maliki's gambit is to crack down on the Sunnis Blockquotewhile American forces are still available in sufficient numbers to back him up. This is a turning into a test of strength, Sunni vs. Shiite. ...
There's more. If the Awakening fighting spreads, I wouldn't be surprised to see Moqtada al-Sadr's Shiite militia re-emerge. I've always thought the Sunni Awakening forced him to go to ground, because he didn't want to be the only guy taking on American forces. But if the Sunnis are on the attack again, it might be game on for him as well. I am reminded of Ambassador Ryan Crocker's worry, expressed in my new book and elsewhere, that the future of Iraq was something like Lebanon. That is, it has a government, but it is shaky, and there is violence in the streets, with some political parties having armed wings that are outside the control of the government.
Question of the day: What should I say the next time someone tells me the surge "worked"?

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