Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"...Hezbollah's meeting places, operational areas, safe houses, or bunkers compromised?..."

Abu Muqawamah interviews M Prothero , here
Q. In security services, when a mole is discovered, among the first things done is a damage assessment. How badly, in your opinion, has Hizballah been hurt? How badly are they exposed?
"Hizballah has had since mid-January, we're told, to assess their level of exposure by the operation, so the lag between everyone else finding out was probably put to good use. But what I am hearing is that so many vehicles were tracked for so long that it's assumed that any significant meeting place, operational area, safe house, or bunker is probably compromised to some degree. Lebanese authorities sympathetic to the group say they've had to abandon more than a few key facilities.

The big question looking backward -- considering the tracking seems to have happen over a four-plus year period -- is how much did this operation hurt them in 2006 when Israel seemed to have an uncanny ability to hit apartment buildings used on some level by Hizballah. A lot of those mysterious explosions where people asked 'why this building?' seem less random in light of this...."

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