Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Massive Hezbollah attack against Israeli target in Europe thwarted

"A massive terror attack against an Israeli target in Europe has been thwarted in recent weeks, Channel 2 quoted security officials as saying Wednesday. The attack, linked to the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, was foiled thanks to intelligence sharing between Israel and an undisclosed European country. Israeli officials believe that as the one year anniversary of the February 14 assassination of Hezbollah second-in-command Imad Mughniyeh approaches, attempts to attack Israeli targets around the world will intensify. Hezbollah's 1800 Unit is reportedly working on possible attacks inside Israel. Hezbollah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, said: "The Zionists will discover that the war they had in July was a walk in the park if we compare it to what we've prepared for every new aggression," the Times reported. The report also stated that the Egyptian intelligence broke up a Sinai-based Hezbollah cell headed by Sami Shehab, a Lebanese citizen. The cell, which also included Palestinians members, had allegedly planned to attack Israeli targets."


Anonymous said...

It seems that the mighty security apparatus is 'competing' with the 'success' of the mighty IDF in its recent 'achievements'. Killing women and children may have tarnished its image so 'thwarting a massive Hezbollah' attack is to compensate! However, it does not tally with the next posted story of the failures of the Shin Bet to protect Palestinian agents. So on one front, we have 'major accomplishments', whereas on the other, another dismal failure.
On the other hand, how reliable are the Guardian's sources? Is it not participating (willingly or unwillingly) in a major PR campaign of disinformation?

mo said...


Please do not question the achievements of a great nation.

By having the world knowing how great they are, makes kicking their asses again the next time all the more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

"allegedly" of course all the dead deserved to die as Israel was using Terrorist Seeking bullets.