Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"..Armor-piercing bombs decreasing sharply in Iraq, & increasing in Afghanistan.."

In WIRED's DangerRoom, here

Q Yes. Do you have any evidence that there are more or fewer Iranian-made weapons going into Iraq?...

MR. MORRELL: I don't have a strong indication of whether there are more or less, but I think we see persistent evidence that there continues to be Iranian support of special groups who are trying to undermine peace and security in Afghanistan. Whether it be through training or the supply of weapons such as EFPs. Frankly --

Q Afghanistan?

MR. MORRELL: You're asking Iraq.

Q : I was asking about Iraq.


(Cross Talk.)

MR. MORRELL: Okay. I did that last week, too, and I apologize, but it wasn't a Freudian slip. Actually, we have seen evidence, obviously, of it in Afghanistan, as well -- or perhaps it was a slip, but it was deliberate.

It's possible that Morrell was referring to other Iranian help to Afghanistan, but he made no attempt to correct the statement about the supply of weapons such as EFPs in that country. So, perhaps, this is his way of letting us know that the threat is there, even if it isn't being reported. (Of course the EFPs in Afghanistan may also be home made; Hamas, Hezbollah and even the IRA have made them in the past, and information gets exchanged.)

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