Sunday, January 25, 2009

"60 Minutes: 'Who Are You'?"

EXCELLENT show by Bob Simon on 60 Minutes, encapsulates the manic zeal, the injustices and all the ISRAELI obstacles to Peace! Watch, here

"What he's up against are scores of Israeli settlements dominating the lowlands like crusader fortresses. Many are little cities, and none of them existed 40 years ago. The Israelis always take the high ground, sometimes the hills, and sometimes the homes. And sometimes Arabs are occupied inside their own homes.
...The commander declined to talk to 60 Minutes. "But we are talking to you now," Simon pointed out, standing outside. "Why don't you tell us what you are doing here? Have you lost your voice? Well they've closed the door now, they've closed the window so I guess if the children are going to get home now we have to leave, so that is what we will do."

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Anonymous said...

Not the end, but perhaps the beginning of the end, of Israel can do no wrong news coverage.