Friday, December 19, 2008

US War College Report: "Hezbollah's performance in 2006, more effective than that of any Arab army that confronted Israel.."

In the SSI, from the Army War College in my oldest son's hometown of Dickinson Penn, the report here
"....The report indicates that no army can be ideally prepared to deal with both kinds of enemy, conventional and guerrilla, simultaneously, and that in light of the discrepancies between the lessons of the Second Lebanon War and the current U.S. experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, serious challenges confront military planners.
While fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan demands the ability to defeat guerrilla forces, the example of Lebanon may inspire enemies of the U.S. to adopt more conventional methods...."

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mo said...

Ok admittedly I haven't gotten past the acknowledgments but already I see an issue even in those. Can you guess what it is? Huh?

(hint:Count the number of Lebanese thanked for their assistance. C'mon, not even a March 14th one claiming that it was Hariri doing all the fighting in the South?!)