Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saudi' Operation' foils Al-Qaida Plot Against Hajj?

Does that talk sound familiar? Taliban: Defeated, depleted, beaten and finished? In the Middle East Times, here
"...The Saudi operation began three months ago with preemptive raids by Saudi security forces on suspected al-Qaida cells, according to a former senior CIA official. Several hundred suspects were taken into custody, he said. (Apparently ...)..."The number of al-Qaida in Saudi Arabia isn't very large, but they are just as lethal as ever," said a former senior U.S. intelligence official. Several U.S. officials said that al-Qaida is withering within the kingdom thanks to repeated defeats and continual assaults by Saudi security sources.... According to Ghamdi, 9,000 al-Qaida suspects have been arrested and another 3,106 remain in detention. ...Said Cordesman: "The fact is that al-Qaida has not enjoyed a major success [in the kingdom] since 2003," when it launched a series of suicide bombings. Thanks to the intensity of current Saudi efforts directed against the group, "the place today is a lot more relaxed, "

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