Monday, December 15, 2008

MATTHEWS: "Arabs ready with sweet tea and a shoe ...a joke" DERGHAM: "Despicable act ... it's against Arab Hospitality ..disgraced...embarassed..."

Chris Matthews, who has the intellect of a cucumber, hosted Raghida Dergham, MSNBC contributor and another fellow who had nothing else to do. The topic: Flying Footwear. Matthews who started off with such pearls as "what is with Arabs always ready ... drinking sweet tea ... with a shoe ... we look at you and joke here ... why don't you hold it against the looting Assads in Syria .. and not our flag...."
Now if that did not put you in a a refelective mood, and made you all fuzzy inside, wait until you hear what Dergham commented on the shoe episode:
As a journalist "I was offended ... a despicable act ... I was embarassed ... we do not raise shoes ... it's against the Hospitality of the Arabs..."
And when pressed by Matthews to get a numerical sense of the "Arab Street":
"... the street is 60/40 because of the anger ... whereas the 'elites' are 50/50... BUT the Iraqis are saying 'thank you General Petraeus'... the state run TV of Syria made the shoe thrower a national hero... the Hezbollahs of the world ... but the the 'professionals' are disgraced..."Bold
Watch here, at MSNBC "Hardball"


Anonymous said...

The real disgrace is Matthews who failed miserably in asking the 'hardball' questions to members of the Administration when they were throwing lies about the reasons for going to war against Iraq. As to his host, whose morals are by themselves a disgrace to the Arab women, her 'statistical' analysis of those who support the invasion, occupation, the surge, Petraeus, etc, shows her lack of dignity.
From now on, I look with a new found respect to my shoes, which may come in handy one day as weapons of mass persuasion! Long live the shoe thrower (a good title for a movie!)

Anonymous said...

Just which culture on Earth is it a complement to get a shoe thrown at you?