Monday, December 15, 2008

"In Lebanon, rivals unconvinced by warlord's apology"

“I fully apologize for all the mistakes that we committed when we were carrying out our national duties during past civil war years,” Geagea said. “I ask God to forgive and so I ask the people whom we hurt in the past.”..... He gained a reputation for no-holds-barred killing, including violence against rival Christians.....
Although many of his Christian and Muslim rivals acknowledge the speech as important, they say he continues to practice divisive politics, emphasizing Christian grievances and suffering, that could drag the country back into war."This is a courageous attitude," one intellectual close to the Shiite Muslim militia Hezbollah said of Geagea's stance. "But his current political ideology depends on fear, and his political outlook is in contradiction to his regret, and will not end the logic of civil war."

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