Monday, November 24, 2008

Sami Gemayel: "Fath-il-Islam killed my Brother..."

"... this happens while 'Usbat-il-Ansar' & others Al Qaedaesque groups still procrastinate in delivering a prime Fath-el-Islam suspect (Abdul Rahman Awad), who is hiding in the Ain El Helweh refugee camp, to Army Intelligence.[Interestingly, LAF Intelligence has been after Awad since his name was mentioned in the famous Syrian TV confessions, despite the hullabaloo raised by Saad Hariri and his Future/Bloc lieutenants...]"

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zyad said...

samy gemayel is a lawyer, and i'm sure that he wouldn't charge anyone (fatah el islam or other) before the end of the investigation of his brother's murder.We trust the lebanese Judges and their independance from any political interference.
this investigation is secret (as any investigation) and it will lead us to the truth...
Rest in peace Pierre Amine Gemayel
Lebanese Kataeb party offered too much martyrs for the independance and integrity of Lebanon.
Samy Gemayel is the only guarantee of Christans unity in Lebanon