Friday, September 26, 2008

“Sunnis around the world are mad after what happened in Beirut. The result will be a thousand Zarqawis going after Hizbollah.”

Nir Rosen writes from Lebanon, the National, here

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Anonymous said...

What Rosen is omitting from his analysis is that the 'outrage' felt by Sunnis in Beirut has been paid for by the Saudis, and other so-called 'moderate' countries. The only way for these corrupt regimes to survive the winds, no the storms, of change is by fanning sectarian strife, with of course the blessings of the Bush Adm, the neocons, the Izzies. Arabs' identity is to be replaced by a sectarian identity.
Having said that, the media bought by intransigeant Wahabis is doing its job of fanning sectarian strife. To add insult to injury, prominent clerics have been enrolled to fan the fire. Al Qaradawi recent pronouncements are indicative of the desperation of Wahabi political quarters. The Wahabi were never representative of Sunnis but oil money has gone a long way in buying loyalties. The Nasser series, widely watched in the Arab world during Ramadan is a reminder of the marginal influence of Wahabis. Their hatred of Arab nationalism supersedes any other consideration. If Israel is a cancer eating the Arab world, Wahabism is AIDS, depriving Arabs and Muslims from their immune system of openness, tolerance, and humanism.