Friday, September 26, 2008

Israel, Azerbaijan & Kazakhstan, close multi-million dollar arms deal ..

The "Iran-Fear-Card" continues to be lucrative for the Izzies! As in the Georgia case, all this firepower is useless if & when a conflict arises with Iran ... Let us just hope that Military trainers don't follow......Yossi Melman, In Haaretz, here
"...Rumblings of Shi'ite political Islam have been particularly noticeable in the more conservative regions that border Iran, and the secular government has displayed concern over Iranian influence.
An number of Israeli firms were involved in the various deal. Soltam will sell mortars and ammunition to Azerbaijan, Israel Military Industries will sell the country rocket artillery and Tadiran Communications will sell it radio equipment.
Israeli companies have also recently signed deals worth tens of millions of dollars with Kazakhstan, a neighbor of Azerbaijan's...."

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