Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When Hamas and Jordan Talk

Rami Khouri in the METimes, here
"....Unlike Israeli and American officials who are mostly ignorant of trends in large swaths of the Arab world, the Jordanian monarchy, government and intelligence service have their ear to the ground and excellent insights into sentiments in their and surrounding societies....
This is not a purely bilateral or local matter. It suggests that both are looking out for their own best interests, by making preliminary moves to adjust to changing circumstances in the region. Also, when the director of intelligence does politics, it signals that whatever is going on is worth watching...."

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mo said...

Mr Khoury is a great writer but he misses the three important points on dealing with the Hashemite Lapdogs of Zion:

Rule no3: Dont trust them

Rule no2: No, really, Don't trust them

And rule no1:

Seriouly, no matter what they do, say or promise, DO NOT TRUST THEM! Abdullahs grandfather was a backstabbing pig, his father was a backstabbng pig and an apple never falls far from the tree (no offence to apples for linking them to the family of backstabbing pigs)