Saturday, August 16, 2008

CIA analyst gives Bush a "Syria-North Korea Project" commemorative coin...

In WashingtonWhispers, here
"...Bush then took a seat at a table with two dozen junior employees. They included analysts, clandestine operatives, scientists and engineers, and support personnel. In between bites, he asked them about their jobs and where they have served overseas. One analyst, who played a key role for the CIA in identifying the nuclear reactor that was being built in Syria with North Korean assistance, gave the president a bronze commemorative coin that Hayden had presented to each agency employee who was directly involved in that intelligence effort.
The 3-inch diameter coin was inscribed with, "Syria-North Korea Project" and the words, "No Core, No War."

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Anonymous said...

must have been 'no core what a bore'
what an 'analyst'