Monday, August 18, 2008

After Egypt, ... Siniora seeks Iraqi Petrol at reduced prices...

In Al Hayat, here
".....This visit follows on that of King Abdullah II of Jordan, which involved a similar request. The rise in oil prices (which are still high compared to only a couple of years ago) has given Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki sudden clout in the region. It is clear what Jordan and Lebanon want from him. The question is, what does he want from them? So far the quid pro quos are not being reported, unless it is just greater recognition and re-integration into the Arab political system. For instance, Saudi Arabia still declines to let al-Maliki visit Riyadh, apparently because of his enmity toward the Sunni Arab Awakening Councils, which are in part a Saudi project. Seniora and his backer Saad Hariri are close to Saudi Arabia and presumably will be intermediaries for al-Maliki in back channel communications to the Kingdom." (Cole)
عمر سليمان يتحدّث إلى الرئيس فؤاد السنيورة في الاسكندرية أوّل من أمس (عمر دلش ــ رويترز)
(Siniora 'chatting' with Chief of Egyptian Intelligence, O Sleiman)
Professor Cole forgot to mention that Hariri's last visit did not go well: He visited Sistani on the heels of the collapse of the praetorian branch (lol) of his Future Movement, and told Sistani that the seat of Shia'a leadership was in Najaf and not Qom ... I don't know who advises the prodigy, but they totally forgot to mention that Sistani is a HUGE FAN of Iran. The meeting was promptly dismissed!

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