Thursday, July 10, 2008

Khamenei' "...bringing people into line..."

"...Although this may not seem like a major issue to most observers, the fact that Shariatmadari has gotten in line, in addition to the fact that the greater majority of the internal debate is now quite clearly focused how best to handle the negotiations rather than about whether or not to negotiate, once again highlights that when the Supreme Leader takes a clear stance on an issue (albeit indirectly this time, through Dr. Velayati), the rest of the system rather quickly falls in line. I recall Mr. Larijani even calling the incentive package a "mirage" but has since the Supreme Leader's indirect intervention remained rather quiet. This has largely been the case across the board (other list members please correct me if I've missed anything).
The way I see it, this is a positive sign and shows that Iran is in fact committed to initiating a process to reach a solution and that the main person in charge is bringing people into line...."

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