Monday, July 21, 2008

"Hizbullah’s capitulation"

What better way to make Israelis feel better about their "victories" over Lebanon than to concoct this type of bull. Anyone with a modicum of understanding of Lebanese politics will chuckle .... In YnetNews, here


mo said...

What the hell? What is the agenda behind such an article? Read it again. At no point does he even actually claim this is anything to do with Israel. It seems to read that Hizballah have given up power in Lebanon because they are weak.

I'm struggling to find an agenda...or is the guy just plain ignorant?

Anonymous said...

I laughed heartily when I read this. Mo-- this is indicative of Israeli reporting these days: the media micks the arrogance and ineptitude displayed by politicians and intelligence services. They either report that Arabs are monsters or that the Arab street is in fact "impressed" with Israel and opposed to resistance activities. This popular make-believe narrative holds that the Lebanese are "naturally" well-inclined towards Israel. This wishful thinking of course precludes any understanding of politics or popular opinion in Arab countries. Which is why they lost and will lose.