Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CRS Report: "Cluster Munitions"

A New report from CRS, here via SecrecyNews
"...In 2006, Israeli use of cluster munitions against Hezbollah forces in Lebanon resulted in widespread international criticism. Israel was said to have fired significant quantities of cluster munitions — primarily during the last three days of the 34-day war after a UN cease fire deal had been agreed to4 — resulting in almost 1 million unexploded cluster bomblets to which the UN attributed 14 deaths during the conflict.5 Reports maintain that Hezbollah fired about 113 “cluster rockets” at northern Israel and, in turn, Israel’s use of cluster munitions supposedly affected 26% of southern Lebanon’s arable land and contaminated about 13 square miles with unexploded submunitions.6 One report states that there was a failure rate of upwards of 70% of Israel’s cluster weapons.7..."

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