Sunday, June 22, 2008

Spiegel mixes up the Axis of Evil Again ... Iran, Syria & North Korea

My thanks to Guthman Bey who has this interesting piece about the "reactor" at Al Kibar ... In Der Spiegel (German edition)
"...Meanwhile here is the latest round of disinformation about the "reactor" this time fed to Der Spiegel (English translation not yet available). According to this latest version, the "reactor" was actually (depending which part of the article you believe) either an exiting warehouse for Iranian noocular spareparts whilst being under construction or it was intended for it to become that later. North Korean help with plutonium for Iran on Syrian soil, that is the latest version. And not only that, the evil trio is supposed to also have tried to produce Sarin and mustard gas together, but of course failed: their plant exploded near Hallap in July 07 killing scores of "bad guys". Those evildoers are so useless!
Quote: ...the three countries apparently also cooperated in the production of chemical weapons: at an explosion in July 2007 near Aleppo, during which Sarin and mustard gas escaped, not only 15 syrian soldiers and dozens of Iranian rocket engineers were killed, but, according to sources of SPIEGEL, three North Koreans as well...."

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