Monday, June 16, 2008

"Lame duck envoy of a lame duck: No Red Carpet for Condi in Jerusalem..."

"...... this time there was no fanfare, no motorcades snarling up the city’s traffic, and the lady couldn’t even book a room in her usual hotel, the David Citadel. She had to settle for a less grand hotel, though admittedly it wasn’t one of those pilgrim fleapits in the Old City. But for me, that’s a sign of how far how far her superpower status has fallen in the dwindling days of Bushdom.....
One source told me: “Condi left feeling very frustrated. There’s no Israeli government to speak of, nobody to make decisions.” And, if she wants her usual swanky hotel suite, she’d better learn to book in advance like everybody else."
However, in Beirut, it was all the contrary!

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