Tuesday, June 17, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Carlos Eddé quits the March 14 coalition!

Head of the Lebanese National Bloc Carlos Eddé said he is quitting the March 14 coalition in order to remain true to his principles... had already declared his intention to leave the coalition the day the constitutional amendment to elect sleiman as president was approved. “The May 7 incidents have consolidated my convictions. The Lebanese Army did not move until after Hezbollah finished its military strike,” Eddé told An-Nahar... also expressed shock that some of those who supported Sleiman’s candidacy could watch their supporters being killed on the streets while the Army stood idly by, “for it had received orders not to do anything...We fear that the coalition will make new compromises because of the ongoing violence,” Eddé said. (we say, his insights and impeccable linguistic aptitudes, will be sorely missed!)

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