Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"We need the U.S., but we are hearing nothing substantial from them,"

In the WaPo, here and the LATimes, here
"...In an earlier interview with the al-Arabiya television network, Bush said he personally admired Siniora. "We will help him," Bush said. ....
One March 14 politician, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, called for "tactical strikes" against Syria to pressure the government to rein in Hezbollah.....
members of a coalition known as March 14 -- said U.S. statements on the crisis have been too weak and called for more pressure on Hezbollah and its Syrian backers. The politicians said they felt abandoned by the United States....."
"The Americans are telling March 14 they have to resist," said one Western diplomat in Beirut. "But they're not bringing much operational support."
"We're not asking them to fight our fight for us," said Mouawad, the minister. "But at least don't let us be slaughtered by total indifference."

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