Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lebanese Agree ...

Al Jazeera/English, here ......Our take: Bahij Tabbarah for Premiership? Aoun: Abou Jamra, Pakradounian, Skaff, Arslan & Bassil? Hariri bloc will have to do with old (Fatfat & co...) and bring in new blood, as for Jumblatt, he will have to away with Hamadeh... as for President Suleiman: Nazem El Khoury, Michel Murr ...? We hear that Suleiman Frangieh wishes to stay out of the NUG, and relinquishes as such his share to Gen. Aoun.

Colonel Lang has this 'epitaph':

"Another day of joy (irony alert) for the likes of Friedman, Brooks and Rice. What was it Brooks wrote last week? "What possible coalition could Hizbullah participate in in Lebanon?" (paraphrase)

The funny thing is that we Americans and Saudis pushed the Lebanese so hard and so obviously that they finally had no choice but to make a deal (always a thing the Lebanese can do).

I am going on a road trip or the next two days but I wanted to throw this ball up in the air for you all to play with in my absence. pl

ps. Syria and Israel are going to make another "day of joy" for the Flatlanders. Do you all remember them among the minor and oft forgotten peoples whom Gulliver visited?" pl


mo said...

Mabrouk to all Lebanese. A new dawn? We shall see.

Anonymous said...

big winners= hizballah, syria, qatar, 'arab' lebanon
medium winners= aoun, michel sleiman, opposition in general
as is=jumblat,
losers= hariri, future, lebanese forces, kataeb, most m14 christians, the usa
huge losers= saudi arabia