Friday, May 30, 2008

Iran Refined Oil Blockade

The WSJ, here via Warandpiece and here in MoJo:
On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal opinion editors proposed a plan for a naval blockade on Iran of refined gasoline imports. But they don't say where they got the idea.
The Journal:
The Administration would do better to withdraw from this international charade and consider means by which the mullahs might be persuaded that their regime's survival is better assured by not having nuclear weapons. A month-long naval blockade of Iran's imports of refined gasoline – which accounts for nearly half of its domestic consumption – could clarify for the Iranians just how unacceptable their nuclear program is to the civilized world.
Here was Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz in January explaining the idea of thirty year Israeli intelligence veteran Shmuel Bar:
Dr. Shmuel Bar, a researcher at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center and one of the discussion's initiators, believes that the U.S. can still prevent Iran from reaching the next stage in its program of nuclear development. In place of economic sanctions imposed by the UN, which he feels are ineffective, he proposes imposing a naval blockade on all refined petroleum products imported to Iran.
Sound familiar?
On its face while not as militaristic as advocating air strikes, such a blockade may also constitute the kind of provocation that would force international conflict just the same, which may be its proposors real intentions. Don't miss how they've managed to enter it into the public policy discourse in Washington, and watch for it to be become a more frequent talking point in right leaning national security circles and McCain's speeches."

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Anonymous said...

The idea is older. Fred Thompsen spoke of a naval blockade back in June 2007.

That will not happen as it is illegal and an act of war. Instead expect "inspection" of goods going from and to Iran to "prevent proliferation".