Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Iran Proposal for "constructive negotiations"...

Via War&Piece, here (in English) and Nukes& Spooks has this on Secretary Gates' testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee, and comments by Senator Spector, here
"I've had an opportunity to talk to the president about it directly. And I believe he needs to hear more from people like you than from people like me, but from both of us, and that it's not appeasement, and that the analogy to Neville Chamberlain is wrong. And we've got one government to deal with there (Iran)," Specter continued. "I've had a chance to talk to the last three Iranian ambassadors to the U.N. And I think there is an opportunity for dialogue. But I think we have to be a little courageous about it and take a chance, because the alternatives are very, very, very bleak."

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