Saturday, April 26, 2008

Syria, North Korea, Iran? What are US Intentions?

Col. WP Lang at SicSemperTyrannis, here
"Cheney and the Israelis." That will be the subject matter or title of some future piece of popularizing history. Perhaps it will prove impossible to get it published. What is the source of this affinity between Cheney and the Israeli Right? He has his "1% solution." They have their unwillingness to live with any sort of ambiguity in foreign relations or deterrence. What is this "love affair" based on?...
Now we have Mullen and Gates beating the drum against the Iranians. I have been traveling a lot lately in my own country and it is clear to me that many, many people in the USA are not in a position to resist propaganda spread in the MSM and by people like Mullen and Gates. "Guns of August?" Or maybe some other month?" pl

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