Monday, April 28, 2008

"... If you’re Bashar Assad, why would you give up your alliance to the ascendant power in the Middle East...?"

Noah Pollack (the man who called Samantha Powers "an antisemite", argues that no matter what, Syria's interest lies with status quo... flipping Syria, he explains, brings nothing to Damascus, ...when some Washingtonians believe that a "cessation of hostilities from the US & Israel outweighs all of that", Commentary, here
".... If you are Bashar Assad, you’re in the enviable position of being the only Arab ally of Iran, which you believe will soon be the greatest regional power, and a nuclear one. You were recently forced out of Lebanon, but your ally Hezbollah is still there, growing in power, ensuring your political influence today and your return in the future. You provide aid and safe haven to Hamas, which gives you a strong hand not only in thwarting America and Israel in the peace process, but in manipulating Palestinian violence....."

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