Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Department of State continues to strongly urge that Americans defer travel to Lebanon

STATE's update, here


mo said...

You know what? The first time these came out from the US, Saudi and other Gulf countries I thought it was because they "knew" something was about to happen.

But now Im not so sure. I have a different theory. Take into account that the original warnings came out in October, about the time most people are making their plans for Xmas hiolidays and these warnings are coming out in April, about the time people are making their summer holiday plans. Add to that Welch predicting a hot summer and I think this is actually an economic attack on Lebanon. They are trying to frighten people into not going therefore hitting the pockets of Lebanon. To what end? I haven't thought that through you yet as the obvious answer is the people will blame both sides equally. Maybe its a way to create more unrest?

What do you think?

G, M, Z, or B said...

having both sides feel the crunch and then blaming each other for their woes is "their" last cartridge. their homebred militias have proven to be complete failures (see Future thugs fighting each other in Caracas street WITH GUNS is one example of the un-Praetorian nature of these yoyos), while continued bravado will not reap anything.
these travel warnings, US or Saudi..., will amount to nothing at the end.
this phase will be over in October,