Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mubarak' & Abdallah's Arab-Summits' attendance record

Did NOT attend Beirut 2002' & Khartoum 2006'
Attended Sharm' 2003', Tunis 2004', Algeria 2005' & Riyadh 2007'
Did NOT attend Tunis 04', Algeria 05' & Khartoum 06'
Attended, Beirut 02', Sharm 03' and of course Riyadh 07'.
Basically, the only TWO summits these 2 attended simultaneously were Sharm & Riyadh, both of which happened in their respective realms! Mubarak though, has his hands full at this time with a deepening political crisis.

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mo said...

They could save the themselves the trouble and have Welch represnt them both at every summit.